With Video .. the massacre of many animals in China due to surprise boxes


A strange passion swept over young people in China related to the so-called surprise boxes, which is the phenomenon of buying boxes from trade sites without knowing their contents.

However, some Chinese obsession with mysterious surprise boxes took a tragic form, as 160 animals were finally found trapped in parcels, while some of them died due to suffocation.

The cages sent by volunteers at the local Aizijia animal shelter were found inside a bus belonging to the ZTE logistics company, in Chengdu, southwest China.

The animals that are still alive are receiving special follow up from veterinarians, the company announced on social networks Thursday.

The logistics company wrote in a description of the incident, that the bus in which the animals were found: It was full of barking and meowing sounds. And since the truck door was closed, the air was not entered at all, and the animals were suffocating. She spent or fought.

ZTE apologized for the incident, explaining that the animals were sent in cages by e-commerce sites, and indicated that its Chengdu branch responsible for deliveries would conduct a comprehensive internal investigation, and staff would undergo safety training.

The incident sparked a scandal on social media in China, where the animals are forbidden to be delivered in mailed cages.

However, for years, the country has witnessed the phenomenon of surprise boxes, and it is based on buying a gift via the Internet whose content is unknown, and it often contains a game.

In 2019, the value of this market was estimated at about $ 1.2 billion, according to the company, Chiangan Intelligence for market studies.

A user of  Weibo, the Chinese counterpart to Twitter, said that she saw a mysterious parcel containing a dog or cat sold at a price not exceeding one dollar over the Internet.

A special hashtag on this matter has spread widely, as its views on Weibo exceeded 420 million as of Friday morning, amid many calls to boycott the parties involved in this scandal.

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